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Here is a list of all the individual spreadsheets talked about on separate pages elsewhere. They were all created with Microsoft Excel97 software. A few have been downloaded from elsewhere on the web, in case a direct link gets broken. Their authors are credited. You can open the files with other spreadsheet software but they are not so robust. They will probably have problems creating the graphs and will be missing the financial functions.

A great many use the advanced financial functions reflecting the time-value-of-money equations talked about on the Rate of Return page. If your Excel97 is not generating the numbers correctly it may be because you have not enabled the Analysis Toolbar (>>Tools>>Add-Ins).

You are correctly concerned about the integrity of the files you download. It involves trust that my machine is clean. Macros are the possible problem because they are automated processes. I USE NO MACROS. Microsoft claims that Excel files saved with the extension .xlsx will NOT include macros. I have included copies of the files using that extension. Regardless, protect yourself by setting an option to open all downloaded files in 'Protected View'. Click File > Options. Click Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Protected View.

Description.xlsxLink to Discussion
Benefits of Tax Deferral - Why Bother Making Your Own Decisions?
Company Financial AnalysisGather Facts
Track Portfolio Monthly - Keep Track
Track Yearly Wealth - Keep Track
Schedule 3 "Capital Gains" for Tax Return - Keep Track
Chart market returns when sorted by Dividend Yield - Understand Equity
Compare returns from Dividend vs Growth Portfolios - Understand Equity
Predict Bond Price Changes - Bond Pricing
How Long Will Pension Last - Got Enough To Retire?
How Much of My Salary Must I Save - Got Enough To Retire?
Calculate Safe Withdrawal Rate - Got Enough To Retire?
Convert Flat pay to Indexed Math Annuity - Got Enough To Retire?
Drawdown RRSP first or last? - Nitty-Gritty of RRSP
Deconstruct Benefits of RRSP - Nitty-Gritty of RRSP
Invest in RRSP or Outside? - Nitty-Gritty of RRSP
Discount the Taxed Account in AA calcDiscount the Taxed Account in AA calc?
Calc Net Present Value of RRSP cost to Taxpayer Nitty-Gritty of RRSP
US Securities Better in RRSP or Taxable or TFSA? - RRSP Decisions
Save in Which Account - RRSP or TFSA? - RRSP Decisions
Save in Which Account - RRSP or RESP? - RRSP Decisions
Delay Claiming the RRSP's Tax Deduction when Expecting your Tax Bracket to Rise? - RRSP Decisions
Choose between Immediate Pay vs Deferred, or Delay purchase of Life Annuity - Annuity
2000 Mortality Table for Prescribed Annuities Annuity
1971 Mortality Table for Prescribed Annuities - Annuity
Taxable Income for Prescribed and Non-Prescribed Life Annuities - Annuity
Tax Burden on Income, Capital Gains, Dividends - Capital Gains Taxed at Half Rate - False
Call Options Decision Metrics - So You Think You Understand Options ?
The Portion of Returns Coming From Dividends - Reinvested Dividends Account for 97% of Returns .. FALSE
RateReset Preferred Share Yield - Preferred Shares
Preferred Share Yield-to-Call - Preferred Shares
Calculate a Stock's Beta - Risks
Calculate Bond Duration - Risks
Present Value of Growing Perpetuity (dividends) - Big Picture Strategy
Calc Return Earned by Real Estate - Real Estate
Return From PayingDown Mortgage - Real Estate
Compare Mortgages with differnt Fees using APR - Real Estate
Canadian Monthly Mortgage Amorization - Real Estate
Canadian Weekly Mortgage Amortization - Real Estate
Canadian Bi-weekly Mortgage Amortization - Real Estate
Total Returns of stocks with Different Yields - Evaluating Growth
Graphs and TimeSeries Financial and Economic DataMany
Market Data from ShillerNone
Bond Yield Calculator - None