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Famous historical papers
CFA public ed site is actually pretty darn good. It teaches the basics beyond a 2 sentence definition that deludes into thinking you know what you are doing. But not so detailed as to discourage you.
CFA Quebec's public ed pdfs are not as good as the American's but references only Cdn stuff.
Shakespeare's site is no longer maintained, but most all the information is timeless. If that gets lost use the WayBackMachine. Although old-fashioned it is still the best source of investing information. Read it like a book.
Gummy's spreadsheets are also dated and no longer maintained, but a treasure trove. This link takes you to an index of the spreadsheets. Security for links is fine. His html site is here.
Cullen Roche's site Pragmatic Capitalist This is someone you should make time for. He qualifies as one of the small number of free thinkers in the finance industry. His interesting stuff is on another site but these pages are more for beginners.
Investor Education Fund - pretty useless general aggregation of info. Cdn site funded by legal settlements from the Tech crash. A lot of busy-work clicking.
Wikipedia should be your source when running into terms you don't understand. Hundred's of investing pages.
KPMG Tax Planning For You and Your Family - an excellent book found in your library at section 336
50 Things for DIY Investors to Consider - a pretty good concise list of stuff to avoid, to control, to aim for.
Rate Hub Good very basic educational section on credit cards, term deposits, mortgages. Plus current comparison of products.
Path To Investing - again pretty basic general aggregation of info. - more detailed aggregation of info but on the lines of "How to make a $Million" sales pitch.
Wikipedia list of finance topics
GlobeInvestor article on US investments held by Canadians.
biz/ed section on financial ratios.
EDinformatics variety of articles
Fiscal Agents - types of investments.
REIT basics from Pimco.
Mutual Funds basics from SEC.
more on MF from SEC
Reasons to sell MF from GloveInvestor
ETF's - really really detailed - how they work, how maintained, their value, etc
Tracking error in ETFs - causes
ETFs from IndexInvestor
ETFs and ETNs from Globeinvestor
Problems with ETF
ETF providers from bylo
Commodity Index ETFs - explains differences
Problems with Bond ETFs
Individual bonds vs funds - Bogleheads
Evaluating bond funds - investopedia
Bond section from FINRA
Real Return bonds from bylo
Investing In Bonds site
Interest Rate Swaps and bond basics from PIMCO
Bond Strategies from Globeinvestor
Fixed Income Products from investmentreview
AcademicEarth This source of taped university-type lectures is excellent but not for beginners.
Bond Price and Risk Dynamics - Excellent but advanced coverage of bond pricing.
Curriculum of CFA designation
"In Your Best Interest - Guide to the Canadian Bond Market" by Hank Cunningham. Excellent , substantive book that everyone will understand. NOT your usual self-help garbage from that section of the library (332.6).
US Pink Sheet stocks