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Three Objectives of This Site
HOW TO USE DATA: There is way too much financial data on the web. This site gives you forms and procedures for collecting, organizing and using data effectively in decisions. It gives you tools for proper measurement so you can compare investments and keep track of your results.

IMPLICATIONS AND SOLUTIONS: Definitions and factual presentations of financial products and processes are everywhere on the web. This site takes you beyond the facts to understand and appreciate the implications of those facts and the issues you must anticipate. It presents your choices for dealing with those problems.

CRITICAL THINKING: This site is essentially negative. It tries to show how most ideas about the stock market have little, if any, substance when analyzed. Most retail investors learn from the media and web sites where an accepted doctrine is repeated. This site presents counter arguments to confront and contradict the errors in that doctrine that are wrong logically and wrong factually. Hopefully you think through the issues for yourself and weigh the evidence without bowing to the popular opinion, or what you 'want' to believe. This was the driving force behind the creation of this web site.

In many cases only particular arguments are de-bunked - beware not to generalize to larger issues. A prevailing attitude of both investors and 'experts' is "You are either for us or against us". Once you have chosen your 'side' then any argument, no matter how ludicrous, becomes valid. This site attacks individual arguments without necessarily disagreeing with some general position. The objective is a more nuanced understanding.

This Site is for Advanced Investors.
It is presumed you already listen to investing news; you already know the lingo and basic issues; you are familiar with financial statements and the calculations for ratios. Don't let your ego prevent you from reading the first section. Very few retail investors know this stuff - information other sites are missing, that is necessary for even the most basic ETF investing. The following are good sites for beginners. WARNING - no one should consider themselves qualified to pick individual stocks based on the knowledge from the following sites only.

What's On This Site
All the web pages are listed in the index to the right. Some large pages have their own menu at the top. Some of the links are to spreadsheets, documents, PDFs and powerpoints. They can all be opened with the free and reputable software suite from OpenOffice. Some of the charts created on the Excel 97 spreadsheets do not show correctly with OpenOffice though. Other spreadsheets use advanced functions in their calculation. Be sure you have the Analysis Toolbar enabled ( >>Tools >> Add-Ins).

The three most important pages are Nitty-Gritty of the RRSP and Understand Equity and Comprehensive EPS.

Links to pages on outside sites open in a new window you can leave open and return to later. Links to other pages on this site open overtop the page you are looking at. You can return using the BACK button.

Have FUN
  • It's fun to match wits with 'the market'.
  • It's fun to learn about different companies and different business problems.
  • It's fun to test your mental toughness.
  • It's fun to win and make money!